How much does the treatment program cost?

Both new patient and follow-up visits cost $299 each. You'll be seen on a monthly basis at which time your medication will be refilled.

Is laboratory testing available?

Yes, a new patient visit with basic labs is $499. Basic labs include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and a basic metabolic profile. A new patient visit with complete labs is $599. Dr. Borden will interpret your tests and discuss the results with you.

How much does urine drug testing cost?

Urine drug testing is $35 at Quest Diagnostics. You will pay for this at the time you give your specimen each month. The test will be ordered at the time of your monthly visit.

Can I give my urine sample at any Quest Diagnostics collection site?

Yes, your urine drug test order is electronic and can be accessed at any Quest Diagnostics collection site.

Is the cost of medication included?

No, you will have to pay for your medication at your pharmacy.